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The Present of Company

Since the year 2005 the Company “SIGMA 1868 spol. s r.o.” have been a subsidiary of the “SIGMA PUMPY Hranice s.r.o.” and employ 110 employees.

Company “SIGMA 1868 s.r.o.” produce and supply consumer pumps for house & garden, industrial pumps for pumping polluted water, viscous stuffs and even combustibles. These are namely submersible sludge pumps, horizontal progressive cavity pumps, hygienic pumps for dairy industries, hot-water circulating pumps, and since the year 2005 the Company has established themselves in trade of pressure sewer systems.

Within requested support processes the Company keep at disposal their own non-ferrous foundry and also a hardening shop (thermal treatment).

Our pumps are of use in the following fields of application:

  • House & Garden 
  • Hot water systems
  • Agriculture
  • Civil engineering
  • Food-stuff industry
  • Pressure sewer systems
  • Water-resources management
  • Mine and metallurgical works
  • Chemical and petrochemical industries
  • General engineering

The Company “SIGMA 1868 spol. s r.o.” manufacture their products on the basis of specified requests of their customers for warehouse stock of single standard models of pumps. Every and each product is subjected to specified tests in order to ensure high reliability and functionality of our products.

The Company have built a quality system management and have got the Certificates according to the EN ISO 9001 and according to the EN 13980 for production of pumps destined for explosion-hazard environments.

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