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We offer the following works:

  1. Hardening and annealing up to the temperature 1,070°C, material dimensions 800x500x300, weight from 1kg to 30kg
  2. Material heat treatment up to temperature 880°C. Hardening, annealing with max. dimension of material 1200x600x300 of weight from 1kg to 30kg.
  3. Surface cementation in cyanide bath, material dimensions 500x450x500 of weight from 1kg to 80kg. Hardening in a bath up to temperature 900°C, suitable for single-part job orders.
  4. Material tempering.
  5. Material quenching after heat treatment in oil, by air and water.
  6. Measurement of material hardness on the measurement devices Brinell, Rockwell.
  7. Straightening shafts, screws, rods after heat treatment.

On the customer request it is possible to submit a “Certificate of measurement“ where the measured values are specified.

Measuring devices are liable to compulsory calibration in compliance with metrology regulations of the Company SIGMA.

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