Our pumps help us to win the trust and loyalty of clients in the following fields of applications:

House & garden

Surface and submersible pumps for water supply and / or polluted water exhausting

Hot water systems

Reliable pumps for simple and/or complex hot-water systems


Pumps for irrigation and even exhausting water polluted due-to agricultural production

Civil engineering

High-duty pumps for excavation dewatering and conveying building material and mortar mixtures

Food-stuff industry

Pumps for conveying milk and viscous products

Pressure sewer systems

Pumps and pumping stations for pressure sewer systems

Water resources management

Surface and submersible pumps of various rates of flow and discharge, optimum for irrigation and drainage

Mines and metallurgical works

Pumps in explosion-proof workmanship versions destined for mine water withdrawal

Chemical and petrochemical industries

Pumps for special application in these industries

General engineering

Pumps for conveying oils and emulsions and other working liquids

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