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Company History

Company “SIGMA 1868 spol.s r.o.” in their business activities continue old and famous traditions of pump production in the region of Central Moravia, beginning of which can be dated back to the year 1868 when the promoter of the original enterprise, Mr Ludvik Sigmund, started manufacture of wooden stand water pumps and water supply systems in the village Lutin near the town Olomouc.

By the year 1990 our Company belonged to the Corporation SIGMA, concern enterprise, and then, after the privatization of state property our Company was incorporated into the Corporation SIGMA Lutin, joint-stock company. After the fall of the Soviet block the Company was restructuralized and specialized with a view to find new markets. In the year 1996 the “SIGMA 1868 spol. s r.o.” was registered in the Companies Register and incorporated into the Corporation “SIGMA GROUP a.s” based in Lutin.

Within internal organizational transformations of the holding company “SIGMA GROUP a.s.” realized in the year 2005, focused on their product structure dividing, the Company “SIGMA 1868 spol. s r.o.” became a subsidiary of the Company “SIGMA PUMPY Hranice s.r.o.”, gained a new management, as well as an access to the trade network of the parent company.

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